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LM04 2017

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Research Questions

How to simulate being a step further in technology?

How to use holograms as actors?

How the technology helps tells the story in theatre “Specially”

How to transform my flute playing into sound simultan?

How to make the process visible?

How can I use Technic for my “breathing effects” which micro? Which possibilities (tecnhincals) do I have?

What is Theatre?

Why do we need it?

An aesthetic experience (art! describes relationship)

It’s “Ritual”



Common understanding

Context / Context collapse


for an audience

“object and actor” audience

Poetical reflection of the “real”

In presence event / art

Space/Time of Collectivity

Body Alive that creates

Time and space for reflection, imagination and action

“collective imagination”

a meeting point between actors/spectators

a representation of the world

represent/simulate “reality”

what is theatre??? It’s action – “Meeting Place”

Fiction space and time ina  physical space and time

FUNCTIONAL music / Theatre

What is Technology?

Born out of need


You Can See the Process

You can open it (open a tree it will die)

More visible than nature

User vs. Programmer

Something you can NOT control

Something Addictive

Endless Infinity

Analog v Digital

Having more possibilities


Far from Nature but Close to the Body

Recede Nature  / Natural ——> Tech

Escape (create another reality)

Virtuality vs Physical



No Limits (Space / Time)

5th Dimension

New Space-Time

What is not “Natural” it enhance or help to be efficient

How To Use Things


Transform Nature