We decided to start from three different technological approaches, which are of close interest to our own artistic concerns. We would like to then try to combine them to create one whole coherent world linked to “The Little Prince”‘s tale.

  1. First approach (Nina) : 
    How do we perceive our-selfs and how do the others receive us? Aren’t we always a construction? Is our reality visible on our faces? Are we fiction or reality? Aren’t we all made by many faces, many thoughts, many cultures?I would like to overlay by projection the frontal image of many persons of the audience, and to let them feel what it means to be “many” even if they think they are “one”.

  2. Second approach (Florence):
    I would like to explore some sort of “mediated performance” using technology. The idea is to be able to mix reality and virtuality and to then explore the product of their union.

    Formal device :
    There are two chairs next to each other, facing a big screen (or wall). Two people from the audience sit down. They are now facing the screen as well as one camera situated front of each other. They would be filmed and their image would be then transmitted into a computer. Through the program “Facerig”, we will then transform the two faces into fictional characters (avatars) and project the images on the screen (or wall). The two avatars will reference some of the characters of “The Little Prince”. Through head-phones, the two audience members will repeat what they hear. This will start a dialogue between the two avatars. The end product will be a scene from “The Little Prince” through mediated performance.

  3. Third approach (Bharathi):
    Frightened ? Why should any one be frightened by a hat?”

    Invisible Elephant General announcement to the audience before enter into the theatre space:
    “give your mobile numbers – write on the paper”
    “you don’t need to switch off your mobile phone and you can use it whenever you feel that it is necessary”
    “Take a piece of paper and pencil with you”

    Invisible Elephant

    • Audience enters to the room. Room is dark.
    • After 3mins — A child voice come from different direction like somebody speaks into your ear, may be individually – ex . like headphone effect-“Do you see something”
    • Silence-Voice:-” Frightened ? Do you see something”
    • Light lit on the “HAT”

    • Voice – “Do you see something now”
    • Voice – “ Frightened?-silence – “ Why should any one be frightened by a hat?” ( audience intimate voice – like mind voice)
    • The sound of digestion from HAT by bluetooth speaker – voice- Frightened? Do you see something? – The Hat is moving — again digestion sound-voice: do you see something?
    • Silence – projected image on Hat.
    • Do you see something now? — End.

    Draw a Sheep
    • Send a picture of sheep to everyone by mobile phone

    • Child voice – Draw me a sheep
    • Project the all drawing in the screen one side and real picture which was sent to everybody. end. Technologies – Sound and projection

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