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By the end of the week you and your group will have designed and built an interactive theatre piece/experience using new technology. You will have a 1.5 hour slot to present your project and your process. You do NOT need to prepare a 1.5 hour piece! Instead, aim for 15-30 minutes max. Leave about 10 minutes for presentation of your process, and 10 minutes for Q+A and a bit of time for critique/feedback.

Workshop Schedule (PDF)

The Little Prince (English)

Le Petit Prince (French)


Process Blog


Stage’s plan Audience in the middle of the stage surrounded by several different objects (technical and usual). Proceedings  The ritual entrance: a tale Functional lights, carpet in the middle with some pillows (red), technics are around the room. Audience enters, we invit them to sit on the carpet, we give them mint tee which is …